How Should We Study The Wisdom Of Kabbalah?

laitman_249-03Question: I have read one of your books and didn’t understand anything. How do I know whether I have already entered the upper world? What should I feel?

How do I know whether I have begun to develop spiritually? How can I acquire a Masach (screen)?

What egoistic desires should I have so that I should correct them? Is it about certain desires or about egoism as a whole? After all, it is infinite. I sometimes perceive my ego and I am ashamed of myself, but I don’t feel that I ascend spiritually or perhaps I don’t perceive this sensation.

What is more, there are no groups that study Kabbalah in my city and so I see everything on video. Is it possible to study Kabbalah this way?

Answer: You should study intensively and systematically according to the program of our virtual groups. When you join a virtual group you will find both a guide and friends in it.
Good luck!

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