Foolishness And Not Education

Laitman_049_01Question: If someone goes against the teacher, and in addition the friends support him, are they weakening their connection with the teacher?

Answer: Even if this happens consciously or not, this is not important, because we are in a system and it is terrible if someone is working against it. I am interested in knowing about this in order to correct this student.

I feel terrible about him; after all he is acting like a baby who doesn’t understand the kind of system he exists in. It is worthwhile to stop him even if he innocently is doing something foolish and harms the system unintentionally since this could harm many people in a chain reaction. That’s the whole idea; the teacher has no concern about himself.

This is a big problem, and the friends must pay attention and stop this. We don’t know how much we depend upon each other at all. The network exists and all of us are connected within it, and if I don’t want to pay attention to this, to acknowledge this connection and use it, I cause immense harm.

The connection exists and operates according to our level, our situation, and so everyone must help each other. One suddenly begins to envy others, another begins to be angry at someone, to hate and reject him, and all of these individual destructions destroy the entire system.

Ostensibly, why should it interest me when two friends are not talking to each other? But this is very important to me because they are part of the system called a “group.” I cannot remain indifferent.

In general we behave like gentlemen and pretend that we don’t notice the conflicts of others and don’t get involved. Yet if we could see what destruction this brings us, we would find a way to influence the friend. We would simply give him blows; throw him out of the group. After all, we see that he is closing the spiritual faucet for us.

And we remain indifferent because we were apparently educated not to get involved. But this is really foolishness and not education if I see that someone is boring a hole in our common boat and pretend that nothing is happening.

It is necessary to feel everyone as a commando unit that receives a combat mission and to connect so that no stranger will enter among us. As is understood, the general connection of the group with the teacher is a spiritual law which we must maintain!

I don’t require them to serve me materially. Serving the teacher means giving him contentment, and he gets contentment from our choosing a particular direction for our spiritual development in dissemination, and everyone participates in giving contentment to the teacher. Then it is possible to receive the Light this way since the order of the steps is unchanged.

To me this was as clear as day. I had an old car and in exchange for it I bought a new one with an additional $10,000. What did I need a new car for if I lived 50 meters from Rabash? It was just to drive him to arrange his affairs. And so I made a calculation; he taught me how to make this calculation, without shame. On the contrary, this was an opportunity for me to invest myself. And that is how it is in everything.

It was good if every time when I bought something for him, every 100 grams of cheese, I would always think that I gave him contentment and wanted to get the power to give contentment to the Creator through this. As is understood, I would carry out 90% of the deeds automatically, yet sometimes I would catch myself doing this and build the right intention. That is how you discover a spring of living water for yourself, a spring with Ohr Hassadim (Light of Mercy), and attract the Light of Torah.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/27/14, Topic of Lesson “Teacher”

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