The Whole World Is My Home And Castle

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we start believing that relationships among the people of Israel can be corrected to such an extent that they will be an example for the entire world? After all, today we can see that they are becoming increasingly worse and the rift within the society is growing.

Answer: It is actually good that the situation is so bad, as this is forcing us to discover the cause of all evil and correct it. I am happy when transgressions are revealed, and may they come to light even more.

These transgressions existed among the people of Israel before, ever since the destruction of the Temple. Only now, they have finally emerged and floated to the surface in such a way that nothing can be done through the usual means. Things cannot be smoothed over, nor silenced, nor hidden. Only one thing remains, and that is to explore and understand their true cause.

It is then that the people of Israel will discover that they have the wisdom of Kabbalah, which speaks about this, that there are people who know what to do, and that it is worthwhile to learn from them. They will see that a whole system is already in place that should be strengthened and broadened, but that salvation will come specifically from this handful of Kabbalists.

Question: And what is this salvation? Everyone understands it in their own way, and usually one’s salvation comes to the detriment of others.

Answer: Salvation is a way out of the evil of egoism. The good is love amongst all people, with such a connection between everyone that we feel ourselves as one body. This method and its effects will spread from Israel to all countries where it will develop and fill the entire world.

Question: What does a country, where all citizens feel themselves as one body, look like?

Answer: It is like a close knit family where everyone feels at home, in his castle in the best possible sense.

Question: And how will this influence international relations?

Answer: It will force the entire world to adapt the same form as Israel. The nations of the world do not have freedom of choice in this. Today they are copying Israel’s negative form, and this is why they hate it. But when Israel will influence them in a good way, they will realize it and treat it with the same goodness.

Question: Should the people of Israel give some thought to why the world hates and blames it these days?

Answer: It is necessary to understand the root cause and stop hoping that the situation will resolve itself. From now on, there will no longer be a good life, it will only get worse.

This will be to such extent that after waking up in the morning, a person will be thinking about how to survive until evening, and when going to bed at night, he will not be sure that he will wake up in the morning. Life will become worse and worse until we fulfill our mission.

The people of Israel will not be able to escape it, because only they have the freedom of choice and determine all relationships in the world, including the relations between Russia and the United States, about which everyone is very concerned.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/6/15

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