The End Of The Old Economy

laitman_546_02Question: The results of the present reforms look disappointing. But why don’t people lose optimism? They always hope that the next reform will change their lives for the better.

Answer: The problem is that people don’t want to change. The main reason and the key to the solution is concealed in the following dilemma:

  • Either change the world,
  • Or change yourself, adapt yourself.

So far we have followed only one system of mutual egoistic relationships. It elevated those who were more successful or powerful, those who made more profits, and on the contrary, it lowered the oppressed. But this could not be if we considered at least the small Jewish people living in Israel as a single family. Nature itself presents other requirements to us. And this means that we need to think about change, about how to adapt the egoistic system of the Israeli society to the new reality.

Everything depends on education: it is necessary to teach people and systematically lead them towards unity specifically through social reforms. Everyone already agrees with this because we have “hit a wall,” and nothing other than changes in society will help us.

Question: Does this mean that we require radical innovations?

Answer: Not at all. It is only necessary to add a tendency towards a social orientation to our lives, to give the highest importance to social relationships, which requires systematic work.

Question: How do people come to this understanding? Even the disappointment of failed reforms doesn’t evoke thinking about the need for social changes. The power games go on as if nothing happened.

Answer: People don’t see the system in which they are living. Instead of global solutions, a person prefers a “tangible” increase in his monthly income. But there hasn’t been a real addition and there won’t be. Even if the Americans were to become philanthropic and allocate another ten billion dollars per year to Israel, nothing good would come of it.

However, a person habitually leaves uncompleted projects and moves on to the next. Day after day, we wake up every morning with new hopes; generations pass, and the struggle for money and power continues.

This routine will end when we truly begin to fight with each other. This has already happened in our history; the fraternal strife is worse than today’s conflict with our neighbors in the area.

In this era, people aren’t able to realize the new ideas themselves, as something new; we must give it to them because it is not inherent in human nature. In part, they realize that good “familial” relationships in society can improve their lives. But they lack the real approach to achieve this.

So we must create new educational systems, open courses, and create educational frameworks that explain to a person what true unity is.

For millions of years evolution was driven by only one, negative egoistic force; Successful is because of stronger muscles or through intellect and emotion. However, now it is necessary to stand against this and draw the other force on which true unity is based. This force is concealed in nature itself but it is truly concealed, hiding from us. It is concealed, and so the wisdom of Kabbalah, which explains how to work with it, is also called a “secret science.”

It speaks about the positive force of unity, about the “plus” that balances the “minus.” And we can pull out this positive force with the help of a special unity through a technology, which is described in the wisdom of Kabbalah. The time has come to do this and begin to arrange for good connections between us. It is not necessary to eliminate the negative ego; it is only necessary to balance it. And so, through the balance of the two forces, we live between them so that we use the two “poles” correctly.

And so, if until now all of our theoretical programs and views, everything that we have done in politics and in the economy, has been based on only one force, now we need to activate the second force. And this will make it possible for us to understand how by integrating them correctly we can design a new society. No wars or revolutions; on the contrary, it will be a smooth transition from the state of “one line,” “standing on one leg,” to normal advancement “on two legs.” All of this is described in the wisdom of Kabbalah. And so it is being revealed in our day. The situation has been created today because we really need it.
From KabTV’s “The Solution” 5/6/15

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