Learning To Live In A Global World

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are the ones who must lead the entire world to correction since we live in the age of the full redemption from the ego for the entire world for every human being. This is why we discover a global world and the integral mutual connection between all its parts, like in an analog system. Everyone is incorporated in one another, dependent on each other, and so, there cannot be a correction in one part of the world without being in the other parts.

The crisis is comprehensive and covers all areas of our life, snarling all the problems into one. It is impossible to correct anything if we don’t correct everything. We cannot do anything that is beneficial in the world if we don’t examine the whole system. It may not be very clear today, but this is actually the reason that all our plans keep failing. We spend billions on a certain action, and eventually it leads to nothing, although we really had good intentions.

The point is that we wanted to do good in one place, but we didn’t take into account all the other things that are connected to it because we don’t have an integral perspective. We look at some small part and we think that this is it! But, in fact, there are threads on the reverse side of the picture that we want to correct that tie it to endless other things. However, we don’t see them! So we make efforts to correct this picture, but everything disappears as if into a bottomless pit, as if water seeping into sand without causing any positive results.

This happens in all areas: in politics, in education, in the family, in ecology, and even when it comes to man, himself, who breaks down more and more. However, we cannot correct anything. We begin to deal with one problem, leap to the next and to a third one, and then everything falls apart and disintegrates like decayed, rotted tissue. This is the state the world is in now. People really do want to correct it, but they despair of their attempts since they lack the integral perspective that allows them to see how everything is connected.

We must correct ourselves since the moment we see how everything is connected, we will be able to convey the force of correction through us. We don’t need anything but that. First, we regarded the entire world linearly, dealt directly with every problem and succeeded, but now it doesn’t work anymore. We lack the integral perspective, the integral sense! This is what we teach in the integral courses so that everyone will be able to see the real picture.

We will see a different world, the inner connections that are concealed behind the external picture of the world, all the intricate tangled webs, our mutual interdependence on one another, and then we will begin to attain the wisdom, the knowledge, and the thought of creation that is in every part of reality. This is called the illumination of the Shechina, the revelation of the Shechina, when we see how everything that breathes is mutually connected and depends on each other. The whole world undulates like waves of the sea carrying great masses of information, intentions, thoughts, and the idea of how everything is interconnected.

We must actually convey all this to people and it all goes through us. Thus, they will improve their lives in this world during the seventy years that they are given. They will connect to the spiritual world and will attain the Light through their connection with us, each according to his level of development. All the differences will exist only until the end of correction, and then they all will connect into one general circle and become one whole.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/7/14,, Lesson on the Topic: “Preparation for the Convention”

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