The Benefits And Dangers Of Reforms

laitman_202_0Question: People are always waiting for new reforms with the hope that life will be better. For example, in their opinion, the crisis in the housing sector can be resolved through reform in the Israel Lands Administration, or through the allocation of additional plots for construction, or through a zero value added tax when buying a home.

In general, each project under discussion in the media or government arouses a multitude of reactions depending on whose interests they represent. So do we need reforms?

Answer: Reforms are useful. By announcing them publicly, politicians muffle the loud voices of opposition and shelter themselves from criticism. “Be patient, I am working on the problem.” Over time, the sore subject is obscured, giving way to another, and again someone comes out with new reforms and proposals for sensitive issues.

In brief, talk about reform helps calm passions and shifts people’s attention in the direction convenient for the government or the reformist. Therefore, the only effective reform is possible only on condition that we understand how and in which direction humanity is developing. This basic “educational plan” will allow us to judge if we can continue to live under the egoistic lifestyle that determines all of our mutual connections, the entire nature of our relationships.

Today, unlike in the past, humanity is feeling itself as a single jumble that is welded together in a system that includes the still, vegetative, and animate nature. The entire globe is a single whole.

Just open our eyes and make out the picture, we see, we see that we are in an integrated, global structure, which tightly binds us together. As long as we don’t get along within it, we can expect a thorny path of failures for us.

So in any reforms except for social ones, I see no benefits. They are just a waste of time;  their results will show that the time is up, nothing was accomplished, even to the extent possible in the existing frameworks, and the problem is only exacerbated.

We must bring modern society in accord with the requirements evolution applies to us. Suddenly we are discovering that we have formed an integral community in which all depend on each other. At this stage, according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, we need to consider ourselves as a single common family. First of all, it is necessary to take care of the appropriate social reforms. After the development of this approach, it must be conveyed in educating people. It is necessary to provide people with educational and informational systems so that he will begin to be involved in this actively, so he will understand and feel what is at stake. Only then will unity stop being a hollow sound for him.

Today a new force is manifested in society that connects all people, even against their will. But we don’t take it into account, not in politics and not in economics. And so we stand on the threshold of chaos, continuing to form artificial “bubbles” of systems that have already completed their life cycle and no longer inherent in the nature of human society.

Based on our egoistic understanding, we are trying to implement these “fossil” remnants of the past in new structures of mutual integral relationships, but they don’t match each other. Hence, the dire results we see here in the course of development today have become negative.

Of course we always find excuses for ourselves, referring to the deficits of another choice. But if we look realistically at the matter, humanity finds itself before a serious problem.

Whether it wants it or not, it is advancing towards an integral world “kingdom” that is more strongly mutually connected. Still within the old habits, we want to insert into it our vision of a “digital,” discrete world, although in reality there is a completely different calculation.

We don’t take into account the universal mutual connection and interdependence, ignoring the “underground” threads that strongly connect us with each other. Or we want to squeeze them into formats of our egoism, placing them under the control of money and power, the military and banks. As a result of this, two types of systems are in conflict, clashing against each other, and we are entangled more and more in a mass of concealments and contradictions. The time has come to turn to the root cause, instead of making vain reforms.
From KabTV’s “The Solution” 5/6/15

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