A Society Without Competition

Laitman_025_02According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, instead of conflicts, revolutions, and wars, the time has come to devise another system of good social relationships, which will solve all of these terrible situations in the world. The key means is the correct cohesion of society, making it possible, along with our egoistic negativity, to activate the positive force of unity that is latent in nature.

For this it is necessary to create a comprehensive educational system and by training people to take the format workshops around a roundtable. In these workshops people will begin to change, not through coercion, but on their own. After all, they will see that it is possible to establish a society that is not based on the negativity of egoistic competition in which the strongest wins, but on unity.

Just as in a cohesive family, the strong don’t oppress the weak. On the contrary, love dwells among them, and the small receive more concern and attention than those who are already able to satisfy their needs to some degree by themselves. So we also activate two forces in a family, but there our love is caused by nature itself. On the other hand, what must we do in situations where the relationships between us are based upon selfish egoistic calculations and not on love? How do we transform a competitive individualistic society into a loving family?

Certainly it is not through pressure, but specifically with the help of study and a unique education, in which people will feel real benefit from new relationships and will notice the success inherent in them. Besides this, it is desirable to remember that nature manages our development, and we can never just do what comes to us. When we are subject to the natural impulses of narcissism, we ourselves “leap into a flaming fire.”

No, the development of humanity is subject to strict laws that we have not chosen. We never had freedom of choice about this. From the beginning of the universe until today, the inner “engine” has pushed evolution forward without depending on our wishes. So it is worthwhile for us to learn about the natural processes and understand how to integrate into their current in the right way.
From KabTV’s “The Solution” 5/6/15

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