Regarding Terror, Rising Prices And The Unification Of Society, Part 4

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If we want to lower prices, then why don’t consumers simply boycott the expensive food products? Why go through such a long and circuitous route through the unification of society? Thousands of years will pass until we merit that the capitalists will be ashamed because of the influence of the general atmosphere and agreement of society to establish greater equality.

Answer: I am going out according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, which explains that the world must advance towards unity and connection. And to push the world towards unification,  prices of food products essential for life are rising in Israel.

So we are forced to act because of the expensive price of yogurt for children, but essentially, this yogurt is only a pretext to push us towards unity and connection between us. That is how the general law of all of creation works.

There is an old joke about how a Jew immigrated to Israel from the Soviet Union and took a portrait of Lenin in a heavy gold frame through customs. The customs officer says to him that it is forbidden to take gold out of the country. But the Jew answered, “Well, I am taking the portrait of Lenin with me!” And they let him go through. When he reached Israel, then they asked him, “What did you bring the portrait of Lenin for?” So he answered, “I brought gold.” This is to say, everything depends on the angle from which we are looking at things.

Question: Three years ago there was a campaign of social protest to reduce prices and a broad social consensus was reached. Why was this not effective?

Answer: This social consensus was not based upon connection. Connection and unity are the main things that nature is demanding of us. It is only the lack of unity that causes all our problems, including the cost of living, the intifada, illness, divorce, conflicts with children, and problems in education.

Today, it has become clear that the reason for all human problems is the lack of unity and connection in society, meaning a good connection and unity, not on a fascist basis but on a communistic basis.

Do you want to lower the cost of living? I have a plan for this: unity. If we unite, then the prices will lower.

Question: I don’t believe it! We already tried to do this three years ago, so why didn’t this work out?

Answer: There was no real unity then. Unity doesn’t mean gathering a crowd of thousands of people, going out to the public square and shouting. Unity like this is created for destruction, not for the sake of unity and love. It also creates a negative force instead of a positive one. We wanted to break the capitalists, to make a revolution, to cause a fire in the nation, but this is not the proper method.

Nature, according to its tendency, is drawn towards connection. We see that the world has become global, united in commerce and international relations. And the moment this connection is torn, conflicts and wars immediately appear. In other words, nature places us before the need to unite, and in particular, before the proper unity and connection.

Modern technology and techniques all work for the sake of connection and it is only human society that acts in the opposite way and yearns for greater and greater separation. Each one is concerned only about himself and everyone else doesn’t interest him. Everything should burn, since the main thing for him is that things will be good for himself.

Human intelligence has not developed in parallel with nature. Nature that surrounds us, the world of the still, vegetative, and animate, is more developed regarding general integrality and connection than the human society that lives within this sphere.

People are not in harmony with nature, so separation, conflict, and anger dwell among us. This is how human society exists, and in such a form, nothing is waiting for us other than total destruction. The only thing that can save both the Jewish people and all of humanity in general is the right connection and mutual cooperation. Only with this can we correct the situation.

There was a time when this didn’t succeed for us, but this is because we didn’t yearn for unity and connection. We went out together against someone, but not for the sake of the unity that we must reach according to the program of nature.

Human society seems like a cancerous tumor on the body of the rest of nature. It is completely mangled, like a rotting, disintegrating body. And that is what we must bring to unity so that everything will work out wonderfully.

The problem is specifically in this, whereas the inflated price of yogurt is only the result. If we want this result to disappear and the price of yogurt to be a few pennies instead of a few dollars, this is absolutely possible, and we only need to reach unity for this to happen. Nature demands only this one thing from us.

Now, along with this yogurt, health, separation in the family, children’s education, and housing are problems in Israel and are worse here than in any other place in the world. This is because this is the central place where balance must be restored first.

And the whole world, which is suffering from imbalance, blames us for not having stabilized the balance. They cannot express this clearly, so they just blame the Jews for all of their troubles.

So unity and connection within society are the only methods for resolving all of our problems. And this doesn’t just affect the price of yogurt but everything in general, including typhoons, tsunamis, the intifada, and social and natural disasters. Everything depends only on balance, and in particular, balance in Israel.

For each person, it is possible to reach the good life all over the world only through connection and unity of the people of Israel. We are instructed to carry out the major operation, which determines the fate of the world. We began with the price of yogurt and we will finish with bringing the whole world into balance.
From a Talk 4/13/14

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