Through A Loudspeaker

laitman_575Question: It says that “everything is in the hands of Heaven except for the fear of Heaven.” But if the fear of Heaven is not in my hands, how can I attain it?

Answer: You can attain the fear only from Above. No one says that you have to be a complete righteous, God’s servant. What you feel at the moment is what you are. The question is how you draw the Light that Reforms unto yourself so that it will correct you.

All the changes take place only in the egoistic Reshimot (spiritual genes), which are constantly awakened in us according to the plan of creation and lead us along the path of in its time. But if we draw the Light from Above, which is called I will hasten it, we will hasten our development and receive both the powers and the fear from Above.

First, a person is filled with corporeal fear, that he should feel good in this world. Then he worries about the next world and asks what is the point in his life and thus arrives at the wisdom of Kabbalah with this question. Eventually he reaches the fear that he doesn’t have a desire to bestow unto the Creator.

He has to be incorporated in the right environment and draw the Light that Reforms so that it will give him spiritual fear, the fear of not attaining bestowal. This is already a problem since he has no natural desire for bestowal.

This is why we need an environment that will convince us that bestowal is a good thing. If I see that everyone values bestowal, I will also begin to value it and will acquire the desire for something that I never wanted, a desire for the spiritual world, for bestowal.

This is called making an effort, asking for something I have no natural deficiency for. After all, a deficiency for bestowal belongs to the essence of the Creator. We turn to every person with this idea since they all have to reach the state “and my home will be called a house of prayer for all the nations.”

Therefore, we have to publicize the wisdom of Kabbalah so that everyone will hear the message of connection. According to Baal HaSulam, only this is called genuine “religion,” connecting man with the Creator. All the religions in the world were invented by people and are therefore not truly universal and have no real connection to the spiritual world.

Everyone already understands that the world is in a state of crisis, which will only get worse until we begin to correct ourselves. But we have to explain that this situation is predetermined for us by the plan of creation in order to force us all to connect.

Everyone has a chance to be impressed by the right environment and to receive the deficiency for a mutual connection from it. Our reality forces us to do so. If we don’t agree, nature will teach us to do so by blows and wars. We only need to understand that we must reach connection. If we want to, we will receive all the powers to connect the forces of nature.

Since the wisdom of Kabbalah was established starting with Adam and Abraham, it is aimed only at the connection between people. But it was impossible to publicize this to the world before because the world wasn’t developed enough. Kabbalists turned to those who followed Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to people who were ready internally, who were refined and developed spiritually and thus heard that call. But others didn’t hear it, and it was necessary to perform many other actions so that humanity would be sensitive enough to accept the message of the general connection.

Today, however, it is possible to shout it out all over the world through one great loudspeaker. It is necessary for our groups to do this all over the world appealing to all. If we don’t want to advance by the blows, then this is the only method.

Nature obliges us to develop by force, so let’s want to advance so we won’t have to run away from the blows but to find the good force by ourselves, which will draw us towards connection in the quick and easy way. This is the whole wisdom and the whole Torah.

The only problem is that a person is immersed inside himself and adhered to his own heart. He cannot distinguish himself from it in order to manage his heart and his desire, but is inside his egoistic heart and follows it.

Therefore he needs an environment, an environment that will enable him to look at himself from the outside and start working on himself like on a stranger that is external to his desire. Therefore, the more a person is adhered to the environment, the more he can draw the Light that Reforms and thus advance.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/17/14, Writings of Rabash

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