The Correct Livelihood

laitman_626Question: What is the “correct livelihood” according to the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: The proper livelihood (business) is the manufacture and production of the means of production and consumption in an amount required to provide every member of society with a rational normal standard of living and no more than this.

For example, every animal needs only food that is useful and appropriate for its physiological functioning. A cow never drinks champagne, and a horse will never eat hamburgers. It needs oats and a cow needs grass.

Likewise, normal healthy food is required for a person not exceeding a required level of necessity. With this he will fill his body and all the rest of his needs will be fulfilled only by rising to the next spiritual levels.

Question: What would be a normal profit in business?

Answer: A business must be constructed only to give a person normal fulfillment for his living, not profit.

Together with this, between us we will do great work by mutually satisfying the greatest necessities. But work like this is already included in our spiritual ascent and will be evaluated as spiritual work.

Or all of humanity will gradually begin to be included within it by devoting one or two hours per day, or particular groups of people will work in shifts, several million today, several million tomorrow, and so on.

This means that working for the sake of business will itself quickly retreat into the past. Business circles now think only about how to change some bank notes to others to return the world to the real value of money. But in any case, its value is gone and it is impossible to change anything here.

The integral world must be like one family, and in a family everything is divided according to what each one needs.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/23/14

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