Confrontation Between Two Systems

laitman_628_1Question: I grew up in a village. We had nothing between the houses separating them from each other. Today, every new house is surrounded by a high fence. This image is very clear. How can we remove the border between us?

Answer: In the past we didn’t feel ourselves in a general integral system. When it began to be revealed, we began to pay attention to boundaries because we are loners and individualists.

And then we felt a difference between the integral system, which wants to connect us together, and the separate and solitary individuals who want to live “together” like in the cells of a beehive.

This means that each one feels himself separated in his personal cell protected by clear legal rules. In particular this was distinguished in the development of the West. In America there is nothing of greater value than protecting private property.

Now all this is breaking down. So we are beginning to feel how much, on the one hand, we depend upon each other and can cause each other pain and, on the other hand, we don’t want this dependence.

A collision is happening between the two approaches. From the side of nature, forces are pressuring us to connect together, from our side, an opposite process is occurring. Each of us wants to be alone, by himself. We hear from all sides, “What do you want from me? I am an obedient citizen, I don’t violate the rules, I am not guilty of anything.”

How do you know that you are not to blame? You are an egoist, you don’t participate in the general system together with everyone. How can it be that you are innocent? According to what rules have you checked that you are not guilty? Is it according to what you want? In relation to your ego, do you suppose that everything is completely okay?

So the pain that is revealed now is derived from a confrontation between two systems. Certainly we are suffering more and more. There is no choice, we must move ourselves towards accommodation with the demands of nature. For nature will surely win.

Question: And then there won’t be any pain?

Answer: Pain appears at the border where I press on you, you press on me, and nature presses on both of us. Open up and you won’t feel pain. Sometimes we fight, get angry at each other, and from the two words, someone on the side reconciles us, and we are relieved; then everything is okay between us, we can cooperate.

A “click” happens, and in one moment everything is solved, the border disappears. When this happens, there is no place for physiological, mental, or spiritual pain. Ultimately the entire problem is in this.

Question: It is said, “The suffering of many, is half the consolation.”

Answer: That is really how it feels. Pain in itself cannot be measured; you will not see its “amount” on some instrument. So when my pain is transmitted to you and other people, and I see that everyone is suffering, then psychologically the pain level is lessened, actually by half.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/9/14

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