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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If a person watches Channel 66 all the time and in spite of it all doesn’t understand the essence of the method of connection, is viewing like this beneficial to him?

Answer: I agree that our channel is still not really accessible to everyone and it needs to be improved to be more understandable to every viewer. But as much as we try to do that, we always are behind schedule.

This is because time passes until we hear, begin to understand, learn, scrutinize, and try to realize this phenomenon among us. We are within it and must work with the new material and with the new feelings. Only after this can we realize this on our channel. This doesn’t happen immediately, and in the meantime, the audience has grown.

For some time we have been talking about the necessity for connection, and the audience of viewers gradually is beginning to agree. But still there is no feeling that connection is the solution to every problem. Through our separation and distance, we see this material world, and specifically when we connect all of the stitches between our hearts, we will see the upper world. In the meantime, we don’t hang all of our material and spiritual hopes on this. It takes time.

Certainly we must always improve our channel, and we are investing a lot of time and resources in this.

Question: If a person watches Channel 66, is he going by the way of “I will hasten it” or not?

Answer: Yes, this is certain! We need to try for our channel to be attractive, interesting, understandable, and more fascinating than the World Cup games or some series.

But even now, if the viewer watches and doesn’t understand anything, he is already participating in the general connection. This is because there is a group along with me and many higher forces, that are connected to the broadcast on Channel 66. So every viewer who sees Channel 66 is connected through that channel to the end of a thread that joins our world with the upper world in a way that is stronger and better than he can find elsewhere. And in general, there is no connection like this anywhere else.

Certainly if a person doesn’t just watch the channel but also participates in the workshops and the roundtables, he will strongly hasten his advancement. One could fly in a rocket, another in an airplane, and a third could ride on a donkey. But in every case, this is advancement towards the good.
From the preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/03/14

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