Fulfilling Our Mission

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is your response to the murder of the boys who were kidnapped by terrorists? The whole nation is mourning their death now.

Answer: The nation of Israel has a mission and we have to fulfill it. If we don’t do so, we won’t bring the world to the right correction and head it in the right direction. As a result, we encounter phenomena such as kidnapping and of course, murder.

This didn’t start today. We study the roots of what happened in the shattering of the vessels and about the upper actions that we have been through. After all, we are in a system that is controlled by rigid laws, as it says: “He has given a law that cannot be broken.”

The Upper Light is above the shattered vessels, and if they correct themselves as a result of its influence, which means that they take part in their self-correction, everything will progress along the good way of I shall hasten it. This is the desired way in the eyes of the upper force and also in the eyes of other people, including the nations of the world, which will then have no complaints about Israel, no anti-Semitic feelings or no negative feelings of any kind.

Kabbalists say a lot about the fact that only Israel can bring the world to correction, since they have the sparks and the connection to the Light that Reforms in the first place. But if the Israeli nation does not perform the corrections, then to that extent, they are the source of all the evil in the world.

All this goes back to the gathering at the giving of the Torah. After all, the Torah is the Light that Reforms, the upper force that brings all the goodness to humanity. This force can be revealed in the word only by our participation, in coordination with it.

We invoke the upper force when we do what we have to do and then abundance and goodness pours unto the whole world, everyone respects us and is ready to participate in our activities. But if we don’t fulfill our mission in every moment of our life, we don’t draw the Light that Reforms and there is a deficiency of Light in this world, a deficiency of the upper force, which means that we cause harm to the world.

No wonder then that evil is first revealed among us, the Israeli nation, including general hatred and anti-Semitism. Ultimately we summon this by ourselves by not participating in the correction of the world.

Baal HaSulam cites the Talmud in “The Introduction To The Book Of Zohar” saying: “No calamity comes to the world but for Israel.” And in the book The Light and the Sun it says, “the main protection against calamity is love and unity. When there is love, unity, and friendship in Israel among one another, there is no room for any calamity to affect them and thus all the curses and the afflictions are kept away from them.”

So we have freewill and if we do good, it will be good for the whole world, including us, and by that we will delight the Creator. Otherwise the outcome will be different.

Just think, who has free will? Not the Israeli nation, since only a couple of million live in the land of Israel. Those who work for the Creator to some extent have it. This means that those who take this work upon themselves have freewill. This includes us and other groups.

Many speak about God’s work, but the mission is to accelerate the process through those who understand that it is about the correction of the world, which depends on them accelerating the process. If people who have received this opportunity don’t fulfill it, they are to blame for all the evil that is revealed in the world.

I am very serious. There is no point blaming the terrorists, other nations, or whoever it may be, because they have no freewill. We are the ones who design the world map.

Politicians can keep on playing their games as long as they want, it makes no difference. We should stop connecting our fate to a certain leader or another. We have already seen that nothing is up to them and that it all depends only on the upper force, to the extent that we can influence it. This depends on our work. We develop an opening for it in order to pour the Light unto the world and to bring us to the desired correction in a good way.

Therefore, anyone who hears and who understands this and who is part of this path in some way, has to try to prevent the afflictions. If they occur, we should understand that we have caused them by our negligence.

Of course hate and a variety of other emotions emerge after such a calamity, but everything is done by the Upper Light that is revealed in the world, and we connect the two. We are the ones who didn’t allow the Upper Light to operate in this world as it should, and so it is all our fault.

So let’s hate ourselves and our egos, the evil in us that didn’t allow us to act as we should. We have to regret what we did and correct ourselves and thus correct the general state.

The disasters are only an indication as to how far we are behind the pace of the evolution of the world, which is constantly developing egoistically, meaning towards evil. If we don’t connect the good evolution to this process and don’t open up the way for the Light that Reforms, then of course we bring about even worse states.

We shouldn’t count on the army or a military solution. It is only the Light that we should let in, and it will do whatever needs to be done. Only then will we be able to unite with our neighbors who hate us so much today. Only we can turn them into loyal friends. It is all in our hands.

We shouldn’t focus on forceful military responses. Let the military commanders do their job, but on the whole it is the path of suffering and not the path of I shall hasten it.

The point is that it all depends on us, not on others. We should engage ourselves as much as we can, after all, there is a “field blessed by the Lord” before us waiting to be plowed. We have to calculate the aspects that we are unable to correct yet which lead to disasters.

First I look for what is in my power to do; what I have to do, without criticizing anyone. If we seriously worked on the connection between us and by that, allow the Light to reveal its action, we would at least correct the Israeli nation and prevent such disasters.

Correcting the world is a much more complicated thing, but we can begin to understand how to approach the next phases of this process.

So let the Light be revealed where you, specifically you, can open up the way for it. Then you will see what comes next. The Light will do its work and you will understand how to continue the correction and how to spur additional circles.

The world shouldn’t count on blows or on anyone else. We have a group that is big and strong enough, but it doesn’t do everything that it can do.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/3/14, Lesson on the Topic “Unity of the People”

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