The Reward Is Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A very famous actress asked for an explanation of the meaning of connection so that it would not become a “collection of clowns.” She and her whole family watch Channel 66, but this concept still remains unclear for them.

Answer: The “people of Israel” are the first part of humanity to receive an additional need and are not willing to live only in the service of its ego on the physical, beastly, earthly level. In “Israel” there is an additional spark that connects it with the Creator, with the origin of the Light. So it cannot be satisfied with physical life on the earthly plane; it must connect with the higher source.

In order to attain spiritual fulfillment, connection with the upper source, we are compelled to be connected among us, meaning to connect our sparks. Thus, our work is on two planes. Work on the physical plane is directed at satisfying a reasonable existence, without excesses, but also without deprivation.

All other efforts must be directed at spiritual elevation that depends fully on acquiring a need for connection, not the attainment of the connection itself but for a desire for it. The connection itself will come later, thanks to the Upper Light.

“Israel” is also divided into two parts. One part feels an attraction towards attaining the spiritual world and includes various people, not only from among the physical people of Israel, but also from other nations. This is due to the mutual integration of souls after the destruction of the Temple and the exile that followed.

In the meantime, these are egoistic desires to attain the Creator, and these desires are clothed in our ego. So we want to reach the Creator in order to enjoy that, to be filled, to feel Him, to discover Olam HaBa (the world to come), to rise above death.

But after that. we begin to understand that all of this is achieved with the desire to bestow. Therefore, all the questions that we ask in the beginning about attaining the spiritual world become invalid. So a person passes through a very serious internal crisis, endures descents and disappointments in his ego.

This is because he suddenly understands that he doesn’t get egoistic fulfillment, but specifically the opposite; he must have self-realization in an opposite form, in bestowal. Thus, step by step, we begin to approach the truth, which is not easy. In the end, we must be ready to abandon our ego in order to attain the Creator. “To attain” doesn’t mean to catch or grab Him, rather the opposite, to sacrifice yourself, to give yourself over to Him, to be devoted to the Creator.

And here it will be clear that it is not in our ability to do this at all because we are absolute egoists. The only thing we can do is to understand that such an action is carried out by  the Light that Reforms, which transforms our understanding, consciousness, and values.

We begin to appreciate bestowal more than reception and prefer it, and that is how bestowal becomes a reward for us. We want to be bestowers, to be freed from all egoistic gain and be devoted to the service of everyone, and through them, the Creator, in order to give Him contentment. This is what is specifically called connection.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/3/14

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