Free Zone Times 620

Dr. Michael LaitmanAccording to logic, there isn’t any freewill. After all, there isn’t any free movement; everything is controlled by the forces acting in nature and is subordinate to one upper force encompassing the entire universe.

If someone feels differently, it is simply due to the lack of knowledge of the general system. If I am within the system in which I was born and which defines everything for me, how can I be free from it? The general force of nature acts, leaving no empty space, for the entire system is closed and works as a well-coordinated mechanism; so where can it give me freedom?

There is no thought or desire in a person where the upper governance would not be present initially determining the person’s actions. Freedom begins when we wish to unite in the group with our points in the heart and begin to look for where we have free choice. We wish to establish a connecting field between us, the former place of the breaking. And this field, created with our ties, is the place of real freewill.

Free Zone Times 620
It is another dimension, which has never existed before, a completely new plane of existence. If we discover a new space that never existed in creation, we exit this world into some other dimension, another world. We can say that are immersed into creation deeper and deeper and discover a tiny hole through which the entrance to infinity suddenly opens to us.

In the same manner, having corrected the state of the breaking, we don’t go back to the initial stage that preceded it, but due to the fact that we have attained it through our freewill, we enter a new realm that never existed in nature: the realm of our freewill.

We build a state among ourselves that will serve as a spiritual vessel: a new vessel, desire, will to receive (Tarach), and in it a new Light, NRNHY, which is 620 times greater! The names that existed before the breaking may have remained the same, but their essence has become completely different.

This is why it is so important for us to find this point of our freewill where we will be able to break free into the new dimension.
From a lesson 10/22/10, “The Freedom”

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