At The Appointed Hour, At The Designated Place

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You always say that people can advance through virtual study.

Then why is it so important for everyone to physically gather at the convention?

Answer: We operate in a huge and multifaceted world.

In other words, in relation to the upper force, the Creator, the force of bestowal that influences me, I can be everywhere and in different states: closer or further from the center, some virtually connected to the lessons, some don’t even have Internet and they read books, others are physically present at the lesson, some are members of outside groups, and some do not have a group nearby at all.

In other words, every person is where the upper governance has placed him or her.

According to the strength of the influence, the physical location of our convention is in the center of the circles, and everything else is either closer or further from it.

I need to understand that my presence at the central point during the three days of the convention provides maximum influence. This is why, if I have the freedom of choice to come and connect, I must come!

At The Appointed Hour, At The Designated Place
If I do not have the opportunity to go, I need to see where I will receive the strongest influence: in a regional group, or, if I am not able to get there, then watching the broadcast together with a friend, or alone at the edge of the earth, or maybe I am not even able to watch the broadcast, but only to listen…

But I need to find the strongest contact: this is my only freedom of choice.

If you are in the same area of the convention, you can stay at home and watch everything on the computer; this is your choice. But you should know that it is impossible to compare the experience of being inside the convention site to not being there.

You can also be an outside observer even inside the convention venue, or you can be in it with your entire heart and soul; this also falls under your freedom of will—“to receive the most influence from the environment.”

So see for yourself.
From the lesson 10/19/20, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Its Essence”

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