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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it so important to physically participate in the upcoming Kabbalah convention?

Answer: The Creator conditions a person, and if one finds himself in a situation where he is absolutely unable to come to the convention, then this situation was prepared for him by the Creator. In this case, a person should try to join the congress in the form that he can.

A person may not be able to come to the convention physically, or maybe he doesn’t have the necessary funds, but there must be a serious excuse. In other words, it depends on the opportunities that one is given and whether or not he is using them correctly.

Each person has to make an honest calculation within himself as to how much depends on him. But if spirituality is really the most important thing in his life, there cannot be any double standards here. Everyone should ask himself whether or not he would go if by going to the convention he would win a huge amount of money, improve his health, do something very dear to him, or save his life. Make your calculations along these lines.

There is no doubt that such magnitude of unity can only be achieved at a congress and no other place. We arrange congresses overseas as well, but this congress is the most powerful one. Therefore, I cannot imagine that a person living in Israel would not have an opportunity to come. If this is the case, let him write us about what prevents him from coming, and we will work on it.

If a person lives abroad, however, it could be a problem. It is possible that he lives in a country where it’s dangerous to travel to Israel, or maybe he has no financial means to do so. In this case, he should figure out how to join the others like himself locally and watch our broadcasts together with them. But it is necessary to unite with someone.

In the worst case scenario, if there isn’t anybody nearby, then a person should watch the broadcast alone. But I hope that there will be very few people in this situation as the essence of our entire action, our entire correction lies in unity.

If the only commandment is to unite, then why wouldn’t a person want to come to the place with the greatest power of connection that he can possibly reach? Let’s not look for excuses. The Creator considers only one thing: How did you utilize the conditions handed to you from Above?

Therefore, let’s hope that many of our friends will gather at the convention, in the setting most beneficial for our unity, and at all locations so that we will attain a spiritual revelation.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/5/10, “The Love for the Creator and Love for the Created Beings”

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