Everything Is Built On Balance

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If we tell people that egoism is our nature, we are confronted with strong opposition.

Answer: True. That is why the disclosure of the disease always should be preceded by its remedy. Let’s say that you are going to hit someone; hit, if it is necessary but first, explain why, what for, and what positive result will come out of it.

It’s the same thing as with spanking a child; he should know that you do this with love, for his benefit, clearly pursuing the definite objective of fighting his egoism and not because you are upset.

Question: So, do I tell the patient that he will have a difficult operation but it undoubtedly will lead him to a better state?

Answer: No, first, you need to describe the best state, show it, and make it felt. Then, the person will see his next state in front of him. His diagnosis will be revealed to him much more clearly and correctly. He will understand everything correctly. Otherwise, he will not want to accept it. It really will be awful for him. He will want to forget it, to get rid of it, to erase it from his memory as quickly as possible.

Question: We conducted a workshop with a group, half of which were physicians interested in making society healthy. When it comes to balance in terms of medicine, blood pressure is 120/80, a specific white blood cell count, pH factor, and another sixteen indicators.

Answer: These are the physical manifestations of balance. When physiological parameters of the balance of the internal systems are disturbed, a disease appears, and any disease is a lack of balance.

Applying the integral methodology, we come to balance at the next, higher level—at the psychological, physical, spiritual, and emotional levels—no matter what. Therefore, physicians should understand that the same principle applies to all the levels.

The same goes for psychologists and psychiatrists. We all desire to achieve balance in our lives, anywhere, in any state. Indeed, there is no positive without negative. It is possible to give a person such positive stress that his heart will not sustain immense joy. Therefore, everything is built on balance.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 10/20/13

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