Bound To The Chains Of Debt Of Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: From where can the external public, for whom we disseminate, get some spiritual desire if today people have quite different concerns? How can we translate their requests into a prayer upward?

Answer: If people are not dissatisfied with life, we are not allowed to come near them. That is why we have been waiting for all these 3,500 years since the exodus from Babylon. And only now when the crisis is unfolding in the world, the need for change arises in people.

Their demands are not connected with spirituality. Even when Abraham gathered the inhabitants of Babylon around him, he did not tell them that they would now work for a special, new God. He simply said, “My friends, we have entered a crisis. We no longer understand each other, our society is destroyed and torn apart by mutual hatred. No one knows which way to go. Everyone has his own god: It is money for one, fame for another, power for the third, politics, and science for the fourth one. All of life is completely destroyed: There is no family, no children, no education, no security, no hope for tomorrow. So, let’s improve our lives!”

Abraham tells people that he possesses the secret of a good life, not some lofty matters, but a simple life! He says, “You feel that your ego has led you to the recognition of evil. Do you already see that your ego is evil that it does not allow you to establish a good life, but condemns you to death? ”

Some people agreed with him and he took them with him. But the rest said they would sort it out without him; they let him go and kicked him out of Babylon. He would have stayed there. But when he gathered his group and went deeper into this work, he realized that first of all he needed to prepare Galgalta ve Eynaim and then armed with the corrected GE, he needed to go to the AHP and correct it. Thus, he left Babylon and went to the land indicated by the Creator.

You can talk to a person only in his language, accepting his claims. We turn only to those parts of the population who feel they are in poor condition. We do not address the middle class, who are well for the time being, but only those who need help. There are people who do not see that a problem exists, and even if they see it, they think that it does not affect them personally. We do not need to appeal to them either.

We address only those who are in crisis. Indeed, the crisis is such that they do not feel that they are able to correct life, having lost all hope. They have nowhere to go for help, and they feel despair and helplessness with no hope for the future.

For the time being, the middle class does not feel these problems, but judging by the speed of the crisis, in six months the middle class will become in the lowest condition. The middle class will disappear all together: There will be just the elite and poverty. Then you can talk to those who have fallen down.

In six months, maximum a year, the middle class will fall into such a state that they will be completely ready for our explanations. Everything depends only on the number of blows that a person gets. If he loses hope for the future, then we can already talk to him. And it will happen very quickly.

Now, they still cannot hear us, only those who have the point in the heart. But these people are few and usually they are surrounded by a society that suppresses these sparks in the heart. A person’s spiritual spark is enslaved by his egoism, is under many burdens: the family, children, the opinion of the environment, liabilities, and debt.

A person is deliberately tied to debt so he cannot escape. Today’s economy is based on debt rather than profit. Everyone owes a quarter to half a million dollars, including newborns. It binds the person to a system and leaves him no free choice. It is very difficult to break free from these chains.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/6/13, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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