Humanity Stands Before A Choice

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Generally, people who work in a small business and in particular in a medium-sized business are interested not only in monetary profit but in employment as well. This is the most talented and progressive part of humanity. They cannot find themselves within the framework of the larger companies and will naturally fill more unemployment lines. How can they find realization?

Answer: They have nowhere to flee. The world doesn’t require this number of workers. If we suppose that the meaning of the life of a person is only to be born, to grow, to profit for ourselves, to allow others to profit over us, and to die, so today in the world with its developed infrastructure and technology, there is no need for billions of people.

For young people over the age of twenty there is already just about no need for parents and especially for grandparents. They become disconnected from them very rapidly and feel themselves as completely free and independent.

If in the past people lived in communities with several generations together where a child respected his parents and was educated on the foundations of the family, people saw prospects in life, forward progress; however, today this doesn’t exist. From the start a person doesn’t receive this kind of education, and this stamps its seal on one’s feeling about the world and one’s relationship with it. It follows that in the world there is no continuity; everything is locked onto my “self.”

In a circumstance like this, people like these are never needed; rather, a half a billion people will be enough to work to supply the normal needs and existence. And so what will happen to all the rest? Will they be hung around the necks of these half billion? Which is to say, will it be necessary to eliminate six and a half billion people? Is this what we will consider doing?! Will nature allow us to act in a form like this? In principle, such a possibility exists.

On the other hand, if we understand that we are changing comprehension itself, the relationship of the person to life itself, to himself, to the world, and to creation, we will then relate completely differently to our physical existence. It’s imperative for us to rise to the next level, to perceive the meaning of life, the origin of life outside of the body, what exists virtually, spiritually, and meaningfully in all of creation, which created and developed us, and at the end of the matter will lead us through all evolutionary developments. We feel this, we are yearning for something.

In a circumstance like this, every person has his place in the world; each one is vitally important and understands the meaning of his existence. We are beginning to relate with respect toward everyone in that we understand that everyone has his niche in this system. In nature nothing is just created, especially humans. And therefore we need to think in a completely different way and make a new way of development possible for everyone.

The privilege of choice truly exists for humanity. It depends only on this: How much will those who understand the possibility of development in a good way be sufficient to disseminate their knowledge correctly and present it to all of humanity so that it will understand, recognize, and begin to realize this new key for a new relationship to the world.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/17/13

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