Everything Is Resolved Within An Hour

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do we need to explain to people that they achieve similarity to nature in their unity?

Answer: Yes, we must explain this. Serious people come to us who want to master the integral methodology. They are specialists in their fields: politicians, scientists, doctors, computer programmers, and so forth. They want to know what is going on, why and how we have managed to do this.

We explain to them that integral science is very simple. It is built on conformity with nature. We must be on the same level with it—its energy, information, thought, desire—everything that there is in the natural environment, which, in principle, has created us.

However, how can we rise to its level? It is through our interconnection. That is why we create such a connection between us in which everyone is equal, is in mutual concern, in mutual integration with each other. That is, we create a small, integral, analog system in which there is no big or small. No one puts pressure on the other and everyone works toward common consent.

It is because by nature we are opposite to this common state since everyone is a great individualist, egoist, an opponent of others. However, now, rising above this, we begin to unite. We seem to create a capacitor, a storage device, a sensor, that consists of two parts: our previous state and the one that we have achieved now within the first work hour.

In this internal state, which is accumulated, integrated, between us, we begin to feel our similarity to nature. We call this likeness “inner Light” and seem to venerate it because Light gives us a sense of life.
From KabTV’s “Through Times” 3/20/13

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