Where Can We Get The Power For Internal Changes?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It says that a person has to change himself internally, but where can he get the powers to do so?

Answer: We are not responsible for our internal desires of course, but we can influence them by external actions. This is flattery and a lie of course, but by annulling myself externally, I attain my internal self-annulment.

It is because I am doing this on purpose, wanting it to happen. So my actions are considered a prayer, a request for help, MAN, because I really want to impress myself by them.

This is why it is so helpful to actually humiliate yourself before the friends and this kind of work summons internal changes. A person is afraid to annul himself and to remain mindless and lose his own opinions, to lose his “self,” all his life experience and the perspective of life he has established. If he still thinks this, it is a sign that he hasn’t reached the recognition of his real humility, and hasn’t realized that there is no way he can succeed by himself.

He has not despaired of his own powers and so it is too soon for him to deal with this kind of work. He will have to wait a few more years, until eventually he will realize that nothing helps and all he has to do is to erase everything in him and to receive what his friends have.

He doesn’t know what they have, but he only knows that what they have is exactly what he needs and that he wants to get rid of what is in him.

Then a person begins to see that actually there was nothing in him but a little pride and concern for his ego. In fact all of spirituality, the whole upper level is external to him.
From the 1st part to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/12, Writings of Rabash

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