Bestowal Should Become Fashionable

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is clear that we were created so that we are only capable of worrying about our own good and we have no drive to act altruistically. In all the next 125 levels we increasingly discover this truth lurking in our ego, which totally controls us.

The only way to break away from it is with the help of the Light that Reform, that raises us from the egoistic intention to the intention of bestowal. We remain with the same desire to enjoy, but its intention changes.

This is only possible under the influence of the Light. When the Light shines on the desire, it holds on to the intention to bestow. The moment the Light stops influencing the desire the enjoy, it immediately returns to the intention of for its own good. It all depends only on the intensity of the Light that influences the desire.

It turns out that all our life depends on how much the Reforming Light influences us. This is why we have to summon its greatest influence upon us. In order to do that, we need a deficiency, a desire. Where do we find it?

For that there is a mutual inclusion. After all, none of us has a great desire to achieve bestowal: We don’t understand it and don’t see any benefit in it. So I have to incorporate in the group, in the right environment, which impresses me and tells me about the greatness of bestowal.

It doesn’t matter if the others don’t know what they are talking about; I am impressed by them since that’s how I am built. If I place myself under the influence of the environment that acts out bestowal, even artificially, as a game, it impresses me, and I begin to want to bestow! After all, it is the environment that has inserted the idea that it is a great, valuable attribute in me.

It’s like fashion that is advertised on all channels with lots of publicity, colorfully with famous actors taking part in the campaign, who tell me how important it is to have those products. Eventually I want to buy what they want to sell, although none of the actors have even thought of buying these products themselves, and the ones who hired their services simply want to make a profit. They all work only in order to confuse me and eventually they succeed: I go out and buy what they advertise.

We need the same thing, but we should organize this game by ourselves. We have to increase the importance of bestowal and to convince ourselves that it is good to bestow! Everyone must sell this merchandise to others.

We are first incorporated in each other’s desires and everyone acquires a desire to reach bestowal. Second, we work together building our environment so that it will provide each of us with the greatness of bestowal.

Eventually I receive an internal desire to bestow and so does the environment, the group that inserts the importance of this attribute in me. This is why I want it! Everyone acts as if he has ascended and is in bestowal and is attracted to it. I am impressed by that and want to attain the same thing.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/10/12, Writings of Rabash

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