Stability Of The Closed System

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You are saying that the integral community is a closed system. From the courses on Cybernetics and Systems Organization we remember that a closed system is usually very unstable. A system is typically considered stable when it is open and free. Can this analogy be applied towards the integral community?

Answer: In this world, closed systems are unstable since they are under the influence of external factors. They have to be organized in a way that allows them to connect with external influences, neutralize them, maintain reciprocal connections, and interact with them one way or another. In other words, a living system cannot be confined to itself. It continues developing due to the impact of the environment to which it adapts to the best of its ability. That’s its advantage: Its environment expands, etc.

In the system that we are talking about, a person has to be constantly connected with his society; he has to widen his inclusion into his society and vice versa, of his society into him. So, it’s not about a closed system, but rather about a system that is constantly expanding. It’s simply that its growth and gradual development only happen to the degree of its ability to preserve its internal integration.

In all other aspects, all the system ever does is constantly prepare itself to even greater connections with the environment.
From a TV Program: “Integral World: Formula of an Integral Society” 7/3/12

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