Obstacles Guide Us On The Way

Dr. Michael LaitmanObstacles usually come from two directions. The moment I want to bestow, familiar questions immediately come up: What do I need this for, what is this work for, and who is the Creator that I should listen to Him? However, if I operate for myself, the ego allows me to do whatever I want. It always supports me and makes me feel successful.

This means that if you follow the way of the truth, you will not encounter success, but only obstacles, barriers, and difficulties along the way. Whereas if you follow the way of lies, there are no problems and you will succeed in everything that you do. So, it turns out that obstacles and interruptions will surround me on every side and divert me from every direction: both by good and evil—by reward or punishment.

All these obstacles are essential because they guide us and help us exit our ego. In fact, they are not actually disturbances, but a way to correct our direction. With every step we make, we must learn how to aim ourselves in the right direction according to our desire to receive and our desire to bestow upon the Creator, according to our insignificance and the Creator’s greatness. Therefore, we always receive signs and signals from these two sources, from our ego and from the Creator. According to these signs, we can aim ourselves toward the goal.

This is why we should see all the unpleasant situations, hardships, confusions, hardening of the heart, and anger as corrections and tuning us on the way to the goal, to the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/4/2012, Writings of Rabash 

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  1. Dear Rav

    In your blog each one of us can always find the right guidance to any state one may find him/herself.

    The present article has been published at the right time.

    With all my gratitude,
    Linda Narbonne

  2. Doe following the path of lies mean just not reacting to the manure thrown at us or is it that the ego doesn’t differentiate between a lie and a truth?

  3. We can only make the commitment to change our way of thinking. When we recognize we cannot do it, we turn to the upper force. Then we gradually discover our thoughts are changed for us.

    Each time you feel discomfort about what others seem to be doing, make the prayer for help in changing your own thoughts and reactions. You will soon find what others seem to be doing to you no longer matters. You will see yourself and them ok just the way you are.

    It is your nonjudgemental acceptance that heals you and the other at the same time, bringing you both closer to God.

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