Conditions For Receiving The Upper Knowledge

Dr. Michael LaitmanKnowing what is written in Kabbalah books means to connect with what is said, as it is written, “And Adam knew Eve.” We acquire knowledge by rising and connecting with the upper degrees. This is possible only through the connection between us that enables us to imagine the place where we receive spiritual filling, knowledge.

Therefore, even if we yearn to know what is written, we must not detach ourselves from the place, from the conditions, through which we can receive the upper knowledge. The place where we connect is where the revelation occurs. Otherwise, you will want to receive the upper knowledge about the spiritual world in your beastly, corporeal mind, and this is impossible.

Spirituality only operates in connection and is based on the intensity of the connection. Then, everything gathers into one point and returns to the spark from which all of creation started. If we don’t aim in the right direction, we will never understand what is written in Kabbalah books. We will come up with endless interpretations, but we will not come closer to the truth by that.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/2012, The Zohar 

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  1. How can we ensure we are approaching the truth?

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