Multilevel Education

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A source of information in a group can either be its moderator or exercises that help clarify certain theses. What is the relationship between these elements in a group of integral education? Should everything be conducted in form of a game or can the instructor be a source of information as well?

Answer: Absolutely! There should be an instructor both in the main, educational lessons and during the practical exercises since everyone, without exception, needs to receive an education.

It doesn’t matter that some people couldn’t bear themselves to listen to a single lesson in school, graduated simply because they were “pushed out,” and went to work in some factory or at the street market. That’s not important!

All people should receive an integral education in its minimum form, in form of laws and memorized rules that they constantly repeat, if that’s their level. They need to repeat all the rules and literally know them by heart until, under the influence of various life’s problems, excesses, and incidents, these rules begin to come to life within them and prove that it is indeed so, that is, until the rules come into action and show them their real applicability.

Indeed, certain segments of the population understand everything on their own level: They wake up, take care of their needs, eat, go to their vegetable garden, and go back to bed again. We should definitely work with them. Accordingly, we need to prepare various kinds of educational materials, starting with simple pictures, like for small children. These people learn more from video clips, motion pictures, and theater or cinema productions that are as simple as TV series. The most important thing is that they learn the integral laws, the main provisions of nature.

There are also those who go further, to whom we can present the theoretical elements of attainment. And they will agree with them on the basis of their logical conclusions.

But overall, this is a multilevel education that needs to adapt to all segments and layers of the population, both on the social and intellectual level, or maybe not even based on their level of development but on the natural predisposition that a person has for comprehension of a given topic (physics, poetry, and so on). Even among domestic workers, there are poets and physicists.

People who are working on group selection have to really take this into consideration. Accordingly, we need to prepare various types of materials, different kinds of lessons, examples, activities, and games. Everything should be very differentiated and customized.
From KabTV’s “Foundations of the Integral Soceity” 2/26/12   

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