Integral Education In Every Style

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There are people who are used to receiving an assignment, working on it at home, and then discussing the completed task in a group, and there are also those who are incapable of doing anything at home but are ready to take up anything in a group. Is it possible to practice both of these approaches in the method of integral education?

Answer: You should adapt to people instead of trying to break them down—this is the problem with today’s education. Of course we need to act in accordance with the individuality of a person.

You won’t be able to change people, and it is not necessary. We need to present the integral method to each type people in their own key, in their form and style.

Question: If in the experimental group for preparing future instructors one person will study at home and another will work only in a group, will that be sufficient?

Answer: No, absolutely not! A person won’t be able to study at home. We can give more theoretical and descriptive homework assignments to a group of such people, but they are required to go through practical exercises together with the entire group.

We need to assign them homework that allows them to prepare themselves for practical exercises. And then they will be coming with an understanding of what they need. They will be in agreement with it in advance, and it will be easier for us to work with them, even with those who initially didn’t seem prepared for that.
From KabTV’s “Foundations of the Integral Soceity” 2/26/12  

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