A Day In A Healthy Integral Family

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Could you describe a day of a healthy integral family?

Answer: The alarm clock rings; everyone gets up. The children are going to school as usual. Mother stays home, or together with dad goes to study, to work.

People are working part time jobs in fields that are necessary, although it is not important where they work; it does not matter to them. Each one works as much as he can in a place where society decides it is the most useful and needed for society so as to supply food, clothing, a standard apartment, heating, health, retirement, vacation, medical help, and so on.

The husband and wife are working as needed, but regardless of whether they are working or not, they must study 5-6 hours a day in the group. This is considered as work that completes the job they have. People are studying the method of integral upbringing and education and the system that we all exist in: the worldwide, universal system of the upper mind, force. By learning, they are trying to discover it more and more and realize it through the connection between them.

This is the day and the life of people because they know that through this, they achieve a better mutual connection between them, and in it, they discover an eternal and perfect existence and an enormous, unlimited fulfillment that for them substitutes for absolutely everything.

This world they will feel as a means, as a place of work, until they reach the complete attainment of the system of nature. By this, they will achieve the whole system and they will fit in it by becoming equal with it, equal to the Creator, which is called adhesion with the Creator. They will reach a state where the feeling of this world will disappear, and instead of their biological bodies, they will feel spiritual bodies, meaning the forces that painted this world and themselves on the uncorrected ego.

Essentially, people will do only this. But as long as they are still in the egoistical desires, they will feel their bodies and will need to take care of them. However, it will be clear to them that this is the picture they have to “nourish”now with egoistical fulfillment such as food and other necessities of the body.
From KabTV’s “Foundations of the Integral Society” 2/19/12 

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