Travelling In Secret From Oneself

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen we read The Book of Zoharwe should imagine that we are already in the highest state—we should desire to reach it. The higher state is the state in which we are connected.

The Zohar describes how the force of bestowal reaches us and what work it performs on us. Some parts of the soul rise and others descend in their feeling, understanding, and perception of the changes that take place in us. By reading this book together again and again, we expect that the force of bestowal will affect us by carrying out all the spiritual actions within us.

If we were in the revelation of the spiritual world, then during the reading, everything that we read about would be realized in us openly. But if we are in a state of concealment and want these actions to happen within us, they are still realized within us, but in a concealed manner and to the extent that we are not in the spiritual world yet!

It’s just like a child who sits in a toy car, turning the wheel and imagining that he is driving. He is really driving, and in a way he is like the real driver he will become in fifteen or twenty years. He is already in the process, but in the preliminary degrees and states when he hasn’t attained the actual realization yet. But these states are essential on the way.

Similarly, by reading The Zohar now and imagining that we are in it, we are enabling the Light to act specifically upon the attributes that we read about. It makes no difference whether we understand what is written; in the meantime, the Light influences and advances us.

I don’t know what is concealed behind the names of the Sefirot and the angels, and I cannot picture anything, but it makes no difference. I only imagine one thing: Right now I am under the influence of the Light, the force of bestowal, that will grant me this force so that it will rule over the force of reception in me. Thus I will go on until this Light stays with me permanently.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/28/2012, The Zohar 

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