Questions About The Studies And Amalek

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do the daily lessons start at 3 A.M. Jerusalem time? Is there a special reason for it?

Answer: This is how we studied with my Teacher Rabash.

Question: Many of your students come from the orthodox Judaism and follow its main principles: observe Shabbat (Saturday), eat kosher food, and so on. So when in one of the morning lessons you said that “the orthodox cannot be my students,” it confused us.

Answer: I do not have a single orthodox student! Many of them listen to the lessons from home, but are not in direct contact with me.

Question: What is Amalek: a historic personality of a force within us?

Answer: Everything is within man, including history.

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One Comment

  1. Is the process not driving us to make peace with and examine and unify all components within and without us? This drives us to meet with ‘Lucifer’ himself eventually, to face the greatest evil and try to redeem or befriend it. Is this not somewhat futile? Are there not those who know what we do (seeking world unity), and rely precisely on this to defeat us? What do we do?

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