Our Baby

Dr. Michael LaitmanDuring the last congress in the Arava desert, we already reached the point of unity that lies above us. It is still obscure in our perception; however, it is our common “baby.” Now we need to elevate our care and concern for him, for this unity, to a new level.

So far we have just a drop; we are revealing rejection, fog, and confusion, and we need to use these things to work in order to raise our baby. Because love doesn’t arise out of nowhere, it is formed out of hatred.

The congress has passed, everything seemingly retreated into the past, and current problems started to distract and disorient us. Meanwhile, we need to convert all this haze into clarity. Each one needs to combat the forces of separation acting within him in order to reach the central point of all the groups—the congress that will unite us all.

Through hate, rejection, distancing, and indifference we will rise above the previous point of unity to the next level. And then we will sense our unity as a certain construction. The point will acquire volume. After all, the difference between a drop of semen and a fetus is determined by our attentiveness, our “resolving power.”  And it is increased only from the addition of more “material,” that is, egoistic desire, hate, and so on. If we can attach such negatives to our point of unity, then we will be able to see an embryo, or maybe even a baby in it.

We are speaking about the type of soul that we acquire, and thus sensing the spiritual world through it. Even the “embryo” is already a measure of inclusion. It is a feeling that correctly determines our entire attitude towards the material and the spiritual, and that correctly orients us to everything that happens in our world. This is what we need to achieve now.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/16/12, Writings of Rabash  

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