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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In turning to the world, we say that the solution to all the problems is in connection. Will we ever be able to explain to people what it is so that it will be clear to a person how to connect with others?

Answer: You are asking: When will the vessels discover the right attitude towards the Reforming Light? How do we explain to people that unity is the solution?

We go through spiritual development. The Light shines upon the different stages of development and we are under the stages.

On the first stage, the vessel feels itself in the form of the inanimate, then in the form of the vegetative, the animate, and the speaking.

A person feels that a desired pleasure can only come through the group, through connection. If on the previous levels I received egoistically, here when I am connected with others (∑), I belong to a global world, to the vessel of the true filling. My life is eternal; it rises above the beastly reality of the body. You can do whatever you want with the body, especially considering new technologies, but inside me there is something that makes up my “self.”

Thus a person begins to feel what is specific to the level of the “speaking.” He discovers that he is in a society, in a mutual global relationship, in a “round” world. Inside he is ready for that and the external influences bring him to the feeling of an integral world (∫) between the limits of zero and infinity. This picture includes everyone, with no exceptions.

Then a person discovers that there is no other choice, and that he must connect with others. What is more, it is worthwhile for him to connect because his life becomes safer and more successful this way and it also helps the environment.

Thus a person begins to appreciate the unity. Many in the world will die without unity. For example, inhabitants of big cities will not survive if they stop providing different services to one another. Actually all the people in the world are connected this way. This is the human level; it is revealed as a single, unified system (1).

You are asking, “When will we be able to explain to people the advantages in connection and unity?” it isn’t easy, because it is a gradual process. On the previous levels, humanity developed for about 50,000 years; before that only nature took part in the process.

From Above the Light operates on us. If we want to intensify its influence, we should prepare the vessel for it below, then changes will take place.

Our explanations today do not achieve the desired effect. We must convey to people a certain level of equivalence to the Light. For example, when we bring our ideas into the protest movements, it is good. On the whole we should form from the general population as many groups that resemble the Light, which means that they will carry our ideas to some extent. In order to do that we print pamphlets, signs, newspapers, etc.

On the whole, don’t ever calculate your actions. The question is: “What should I do so that the Light will operate?” Then you won’t go wrong. We don’t do anything by ourselves; we can only organize and place ourselves under the influence of the Light.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/2/12, The Zohar

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