We Are Facing Great Turmoil

Dr. Michael LaitmanBestowal as the general population sees it is helping others, which brings a person satisfaction, decorates one’s life and “fuels” him. A person assumes that thanks to this our world becomes a better place. Accordingly we can explain to people what the right connection is and what the benefit in it is.

For example, in Israel there is going to be some social boycott of certain food companies that raise the price of their products in the local market while selling the same products for much less abroad. So why doesn’t the workers’ union organize these protests? Why doesn’t it organize an appeal to the tycoons on behalf of society? This will lead to lowering the prices significantly and the manufacturers will still have enough “fat” left.

But apparently the Union isn’t interested in that.

Comment: The union was founded in 1927 while the state of Israel was founded in 1948.

Answer: The participation of the union in the foundation of the state is felt through this day. Of course, we don’t negate what happened. At first the movement had ideals, but it is impossible to “rest on one’s laurels” for so long.

Question: Tycoons today are trying to erase 40% – 60% of their debt, at our expense of course. Even in the Knesset (Israeli house of representatives) they are passing a law that would rule out such an option. This means that for the first time people disagree and are unwilling to accept the “stew” they are being fed. Something is going on these days. What is going on?

Answer: It isn’t about the tycoons or the poor, the unemployed or the rich. We should see the trend itself, that the Reforming Light is arranging the vessels and tying all the social classes in certain relationships. On the whole the goal is to bring a person to the recognition of the evil of the present state. A person should be “shaken” so that he will see that he cannot exist in the old lifestyle, and that he has to change his outlook of life.

I go to work in the morning, make money, produce unnecessary things, waste natural resources and energy in the process, and produce totally worthless products. In the supermarket I choose from the endless variety of cheeses. All that is because my boss, with the help of good advertising, knows how to push these products to people, thus adding a few more zeros to his bank account, which he doesn’t even use and they just sit there in the bank.

The more money the tycoons make the more it means that we are “growing” and that our economy is “flourishing.” It isn’t clear who is flourishing. I am not even sure the business owner is flourishing; after all, he doesn’t know what to do with all his wealth. Ultimately, It is about an inner feeling: an inner impression and a feeling of control over others; a certain sense of security money gives. Eventually, it is all about a feeling. And we will do anything to feel more secure; to feel control, self-respect, and self-worth.

This period is over and humanity must acknowledge that the present paradigm has ended. Therefore, we go through phases of recognition of evil, but the process is delayed; governments hide the crisis and promise to turn things around. In the meantime an explosive mixture boils ready to blow up; economists recognize this. In the coming year we will see how things develop.

On the other hand, this development must be gradual because the Light arranges everything, not anyone else. That Light is arranged so that the general population will rise above their outlook of life. There is no other choice.

It is impossible to ignore half of the seven billion people “as if” they are not developed enough. It is totally untrue! Everyone, who has a human form must participate in the life of the general vessel and together reach the end of correction, Gmar Tikkun.

Whatever you say, and no matter if it seems that a person cannot develop, understand, or feel, in spirituality he may be closer than you are. He is surely closer than you are because he has fewer barriers than you do. You have many calculations that he doesn’t. His calculations are much simpler, and he is much closer to correction.

Everyone must advance and perceive the new reality, understand that the world is round and that we too should be “round.”

It isn’t easy, it is hard to explain what “bestowal is, even to those who are willing to listen and who agree with you. They think: “Smart guy, but not so down to earth,” “He speaks so nicely, but. …” This means that they listen to you and agree with you, but in the end they applaud and go home as if they heard nothing. People aren’t ready internally yet; the Light hasn’t influenced them yet. It has to go through many actions. We can see it in ourselves: We hear it every day and it is still not easy.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/2/12, The Zohar

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  1. We have the knowledge to appeal directly to the ego in the name of altruism and unity. Should we not use the light as a weapon to draw people to this purpose? We are running out of time, the world is sick and will die if we do not resolve this very quickly.

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