Feeling Each Other

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose in the process of interaction with a person, I feel an unpleasant sensation from him. Could this be an invitation for me to make an effort to connect with him?

Answer: You have to connect with him, put him in front of yourself, and then as if instead of yourself. This is your internal work. Again, it depends on at what level it is performed. Sometimes, we must specifically oppose each other in order to dig deeper, to come into greater contact. Essentially, we need contradiction to feel each other better.

Contact does not mean blurring the image. On the contrary, this image should become clearer. I have to see in a person everything opposite to me and at the same time, his desire to be with me. When we put one on top of the other, we get a dipole: the opposite qualities with the positive qualities above them. This dipole structures gives perfection and sharpens the senses, perception, and adhesion.

This contradiction is opposite to the regular reactions of our world because we add a positive level here. This does not exist in our world.

In our world, we are willing to accept some agreements and concessions, but they are carried out at one level: the egoistic one. Here, we try our best to take ourselves and the other to the next level of coordination with each other, in no way removing or erasing our initial negative qualities. They continue to develop in us rapidly.

It turns out that the group where members have a good connection with each other is advancing, developing, and discovering inside it strikingly wild qualities and original instincts: hatred, envy, and jealousy, and it’s all for nothing, as they say. We understand that all this is for us to rise above and to use them correctly. Thus, nature helps us in our inner development.

Conversely, the group that grasps the materials poorly and puts little effort into connecting with each other does not discover resistance and new negative qualities in its efforts to unite. Thus, their dipoles are small.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” #13, 12/18/11

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Two Views Of The Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is the information about the crisis, which has now entered the active phase of development, negative or not?

Answer: We have gone through the period of intrauterine fetal development. Now, comes the period of birth: contractions, dramatic events, and even risk to the mother and her baby. However, we believe this is necessary for birth, for the appearance of a new human in our world seemingly from another world, from a state that is completely opposite to us. Why should we consider this a crisis?

If you were to show what happens to a pregnant woman to a creature from another planet, how something is born from her, with screaming and labor pain and people bustling around her, he would think that the woman was dying, that something is happening to her, and that has no joy in it. However, a husband with flowers and relatives are standing behind the door. There is something strange about this picture.

So, we relate to the crisis as the husband with the flowers. Others relate to the crisis like the alien.

Comment: When you begin to reveal truth to a person, it is painful for him or her to receive information.

Answer: However, it is not accidental that nature erases women’s memories of childbirth and how hard it was. Women are ready to go through this again.

We see that there is a process that we have to go through, and nothing can be done. So according to what we experience, we should exalt the next degree: what we achieve through this crisis.

The very word “crisis” means birth, ascent. Hence, we should treat it as such.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” #13, 12/18/11

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The Group Is The Ground For The Revelation Of Nature’s Secrets

At the Arava ConventionThe wisdom of Kabbalah is the method that is now being revealed for our realization, to understand the united system of the universe’s structure, governance, and program, which will help us overcome all problems and misfortunes. Nature’s program influences us purposely in such a way that we will adopt and realize all of the volume we are in. This is the very reason why we study the wisdom of Kabbalah. Basically, nature has been pushing us toward this state for many millions of years.

Although we do not feel yet this volume of the universe, today we have the materials that tell us about it and the groups inside of which we can begin this realization. Inside a group, we can build a certain similarity to the universe, a micro-cosmos.

If we unite with each other in such a way that inside of us, inside our unity, there would be forces of interaction above our egoism, then gradually, we will be able to come to a state where we will create a distinctive testing area, a place like in a research laboratory. Studying ourselves and our connection with others, derived from the correct actions between us, we will begin to feel the manifestation of the upper force and gradually reveal it in this laboratory, in this connection between us.

We will discover it in the same way as physicists discovered the secrets of nature with the help of huge devices, instruments, and accelerators. It is only that this accelerator, this instrument, must be us, our unity, our group, where we create the conditions for the upper force to manifest and from the concealed state become revealed.

Basically, this is what we are doing, and we are pioneers in it. The rest of the world feels that something must happen to them, that they should come to something, that they are facing something that does not have a rational solution in our usual qualities, instruments.

Today, we cannot solve any world problem or even a particular, personal problem. This is how much the problems are all interconnected on one hand. But on the other, they are not solvable on our earthly level.

That is why it is so important for us to adopt the wisdom of Kabbalah more quickly, to realize it in separate groups and in our common group in order to reveal the upper force, to begin clearly interacting with it and “pushing” this methodology into the world. Then, we will know how to introduce it better, to present it, and to reveal it to the world so that it will not simply be without any proof.

We feel and understand somewhat how to do this because we have a particular, internal predisposition for it. We have already developed it. We have been born with such a predisposition, with a point in the heart. The rest of humanity does not have it. That is why we need to demonstrate the method of Kabbalah to it on its level.

Only then will we be able to carry the entire world with us, otherwise there will be a dramatic path of searching. That is why our aspiration toward unity is the practical application of our study.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of the Integral Society” 2/5/12

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In Addition To The Right Words There Must Be The Right Intentions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today the issue of cancelling grades is becoming relevant and there is much talk about it because people understand that grades cause harm and make our kids technocrats.

Answer: Like in any crisis, the damage is evident, but no one knows how to correct the situation. Eventually, one damage will be covered by another: Grades will be cancelled, but new frameworks will be built and then we won’t even have what we had before. Currently, if we consider the lack of understanding of the real reasons for what is going on, more is not necessarily better. All these additions are not adapted to nature. If we just give more freedom to kids, it will not add anything. Without integral learning, that is adapted to nature, no good will come out of these changes.

Question: But the experts are right, they say that we’ve changed and the world is now mutually connected, and we should work in groups, cooperate, develop children’s creativity, their creative thinking, their ability to study and research things, and to develop the human being in them; how is that different?

Answer: In Kabbalistic terms this is called a “shell.” It means that it is impurity. Experts are suggesting that we use the potential of becoming equal to the Creator in order to gain personally. The moment they approach this, they will encounter many crises that will be worse than the pervious situation. Such tendencies can be compared to “the connection of the evil” that is bad for them and bad for the world.

If the goal is not the union with the Creator, then the result will be the same as in Russia, where the attempts to reach unity led to the opposite results. Eventually, this will also bring us to the desired solution, but it will be a long and difficult road. They can try new ways, cancel exams and have kids sit in a circle, but one way or the other if they don’t get a teaching kit from us but act according to their egoistic understanding with no connection to the Creator, the results will be negative. Eventually such criminals will come out of schools that compared to them, today’s graduates will seem like angels.

The whole idea is using the Godly principle, the spiritual principle for personal benefit. If we bring the world our method, it will be totally different. Then the Rambam’s principle, according to which we should develop the “women and children” gradually until they acquire knowledge, will be enacted because the right method will lead them forward. But if they decide to use their own forces, they are expected to fail after a while.

It is true that experts have begun to penetrate the essence of the problem lately and to express wonderful ideas. But there is no choice: If people don’t have the right intention, then they are all doomed.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/19/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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The Hope Of The European Convention

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe coming European convention is a great hope for connection and for being able to sense the revelation of the Creator in the connection among us, the revelation of the spiritual world. First, the Reforming Light that operates on us will connect us and we will feel the adhesion among us, which we attain in order to bring contentment to the Creator. Then according to the equivalence of form, it will be revealed in us and we will feel that “Israel (those who yearn for the Torah), the Torah (the Reforming Light), and the Creator, are one.”

We yearn for the union of all the souls into one soul that is filled with the upper Light, to feel it, to discover it and to live in it, first by ourselves because we already have the desire for it, and then to help the whole world attain it. Eventually everything that is revealed in our world—all the suffering, the crises and the troubles—are nothing more than forces that hasten the development of humanity towards this perfect state.

Therefore, when we yearn for this perfect state, we want to achieve two goals: love of the Creator and love of humanity. We want to bestow all the goodness that we achieve by our work and our attainment on both humanity and the Creator. After all, we are in the middle, between them, like the middle third of Tifferet that has nothing and doesn’t want anything for itself—Hafetz Hesed. We only enjoy bringing pleasure to humanity and through it, through all this general soul, to the Creator.

This is the vessel we have to prepare. This is the state we have to reach. Therefore, while reading The Zohar, we want to approach it. Let’s think about it!

If a person imagines the next state he wants to reach, it is already a prayer. After all, I don’t know where the Creator is, how to raise a request to Him, MAN, who it goes through, what this MAN actually is, or what desires it is. That’s the way it is in our lives: If we want something, we imagine that we already have it, and yearn for this imaginary picture where we are in the desired state.

They say that if you want to be slim—don’t diet, don’t listen to all kinds of advice, and don’t take diet pills and exercise, etc. nothing will help. Only constantly think that you are already slim. Then you will see that you don’t feel hungry any more and you will really lose weight.

It is really so, and it is the same with everything: You must imagine that you are already in the future state and you will really advance towards it. The yearning that is aimed at the goal will bring you there.

It is the same with us. So let’s imagine that we are really in the good state. There is no need to evoke any deficiencies, troubles, and worries, but only to yearn for this whole state, and try as hard as we can to help ourselves to actually reach that.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/19/12, The Zohar

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 03.21.12

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The Book of Zohar – Selected Chapter Beresheet (Genesis),” “The Correction of the Lower World from the Upper World,” Item 312, Lesson 87
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