The Circle Symbolizes Spiritual Perfection

The Soul Is the Property of Bestowal, and Until We Develop It, We Remain Animals A question I received: What is matter and form in spirituality? What is the desire of the World of Infinity? Why do you always draw it as a circle?

My Answer: A circle symbolizes spiritual perfection and equality. There is nothing lower or higher, or to the left or the right of something else. Everything and everyone is equal in relation to the center of a circle.

Matter is desire and form is the particular thing I desire. Equivalence of form is when we want the same thing, and a difference in form is when we want different things. All the various particular desires still exist in the World of Infinity, yet they unite together and become equivalent because they desire to give to each other, to integrate, and to understand each other. In fact, each incorporates the others within itself.

It follows that my task is to turn myself into the World of Infinity. I am a part of the World of Infinity, being a small organ of the common soul. In order to connect with others, I need to absorb all their desires, the desires of the entire World of Infinity. I need to become equal to that circle and include everything within me, so it will all be mine. Then I will understand what everyone wants and will be able to provide it. I will be able to express my infinite love to everyone.

Every part of the common soul must include all the others within itself. But how can we do this? This is why the breaking of the vessels occurred – in order for all the pieces to mix together and become integrated in each other. Now everyone consists of others. Knowing this, we can appreciate the breaking and understand where it has brought us and how essential it was. Without the breaking, I wouldn’t be able understand anyone or absorb their desires. I wouldn’t be able to connect with them and reach the World of Infinity.

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