Using The World As A Means Of Advancement

A question I received: How is the diversity of our world connected with the uniform goal of love towards the neighbor?

My Answer: The elements of our world comprise the common Kli. Let’s take for example, an ant that spends its entire short life crawling in the woods in search of food. Really, how is this ant connected with my soul and its final correction?

All levels below the human level are represented as external manifestations of human properties. The “ant” first exists in your desires and then manifests in a human form. Without the external form, you would not be ready for the inner correction.

Every detail of the still, vegetative and animate levels is necessary because they are included in the human being. By leading their natural existence, they help our desires develop to the human level.

During the development of our desires, we go through the stages that have already taken place. First we do it in the nature of our world, then in the “human” level of desire, and finally, we approach and enter the spiritual world. Our inner desires would not be formed without all these external details.

In the beginning, these desires have to start developing from the smallest, most insignificant desires. Therefore, initially a still level is formed, followed by vegetative, and then animate, in all their diversity. In this process, some species become extinct while others suddenly appear.  Everything changes, but all of it is a projection of our inner changes.

The whole of creation is embedded in man and constitutes a harmonious, perfect picture. Therefore, people should know how to correctly use all the elements of reality existing in front of them. There are different laws acting here, but their main purpose is to show us how to relate to everything in the context of the goal of creation. We have to use the entire world in such a way that it will advance us towards the goal.

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