A Letter Of Gratitude For The Congress

feiga_congress_antaliya_2009-10_Dear Rav Laitman and the Bnei Baruch movement,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful emotional experience which caused so many feelings and impressions in people from all parts of the world. I thank you for your great concern for the dissemination of the Wisdom of life and for your self-sacrifice, which brings humanity closer to the goal of creation.

I thank you for the effort you put into organizing this amazing event, The Turkish Congress, which allowed souls to gather around one intention: to reach the goal for which we were created. I thank the Creator for allowing me to witness the dissemination of the authentic wisdom 19 years after Rabash’s death.

I wish all of you good health and all the conditions that are necessary to reach unity of all the souls in Malchut of Infinity. I pray for the Upper Providence to bless you and all your desires and endeavors.

The Rabbanit Feiga Ashlag

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