The One System To Work Against The Multitude Of Desires

I don’t need to pay any attention to which particular pleasures I find attractive. In fact, all of them come down to the same common denominator – they make me feel good.

If I use this approach, it is easier for me to restrain my aspirations for pleasure and shift my attention from the pleasure to His Source and to the reason why I am receiving this pleasure. Then these desires will be “help against me.” The sequence of events and actions will become clearer to me if I don’t lose myself in a certain type of pleasure (whether money, animate desires, food, fame, or power).

Instead of any particular labels, I use one common notion – pleasure. It stands in front of me, attracts and invades me. So, what can I do? Here I remember that the only possibility to rise above the pleasure is to ask for external help. Only the correct environment will awaken my desire to enjoy bestowal and will surely prove that bestowal is more important than finding pleasure in receiving.

By proving to me the importance of attaining the property of bestowal, the environment compels me to ask the Light (Ohr Makif) for help in order to start ascending! The main thing is the principle or approach of not giving in, in spite of the difficulty of the obstacle. It is then that I will see pleasure against my desire for it.

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