Make Your Life A Dialogue With The Creator

royalAll of a person’s thoughts and desires come to him from the Creator. So, if a person wants to come closer to the Creator, this means that the Creator wants this as well and instills this desire into the person’s heart and mind.

If, however, a person doesn’t have a desire for the Creator, this means that the Creator doesn’t want the person either and is sending him desires and thoughts against Him. But nevertheless, along with what a person receives from Above at every moment, he occasionally gets a chance (a point) to see himself from afar. This kind of inquiry is possible even during the period when one is only approaching the spiritual development.

When a person does this, his life turns into dialogue with the Creator: a person thanks the Creator for all the good and bad things that come to him, and the only thing he asks for is to advance. That is how he receives a new mind, new sensations and a new reality.

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