Come On An Exciting Adventure Deep Inside Your Soul

the-spiritual-goal-is-the-same-for-everyoneYou are in the World of Infinity right now, but do you feel it? No, you feel only this world. But when you begin to advance, then instead of this world, you feel the World of Assiya, the World of Yetzira, then the Worlds of Beria, Atzilut and Adam Kadmon, and finally, the World of Infinity itself.

You reveal the same unchanging reality in which you now exist. But how exactly do you reveal this concealed world? You do it by virtue of revealing the same ten Sefirot from which you started ascending, only you reveal them deeper and deeper inside you.

At the beginning of the ascent, you are inside the same parts of reality, “year-world-soul” and “a ready made reality.” These are your ten Sefirot, and you keep developing them deeper and deeper, thereby bringing them closer to the quality of bestowal.

In spirituality, we advance qualitatively, not quantitatively. You continuously refine the details and increase your sensitivity to the world. This is how you constantly reveal newer levels of reality. By heightening your sensation, you reveal new parts of the world, and this is how you advance. The higher your spiritual level, the more you reveal the connection between all parts of creation.

(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, on “Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot”)

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