All The Spiritual Worlds Are Inside You

The Special Power of KabbalahA question I received: What is the system of Klipot?

My Answer: All of one’s uncorrected desires are called ”Klipa,” and all of one’s corrected desires are called “holiness.”

There is nothing besides you. Everything on the outside only seems external. In actuality, these are your inner sensations, which for the time being, you experience as external. When you attain the World of Atzilut, and then the World of Adam Kadmon and the World of Infinity, you will discover that there are no worlds; everything is incorporated inside you.

However, is a person isn’t making efforts to gain a connection with the Light, then there are no worlds between him and the Light. A person “unravels” these worlds himself. That is to say, through his connection with the Light, he creates the degrees of concealment between him and the Light. These degrees of concealment are called “worlds.” And if the concealment is no longer present because the person has made himself entirely similar to the Light, then the concealment disappears and there are no worlds.

The worlds are something that exists in a fixed manner. They exist inside you in the form of concealments that don’t depend on you; then they are called degrees from above downwards. Alternatively, you can create them yourself, in which case they will be called the degrees from below upwards. Either way, all of this is inside you, and there’s nothing on the outside. It’s simply that our inner structure divides our sensation into “me” and “the world around me.”
(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, on “Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot”)

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