New Study: The Eyes See More Than What The Brain Reports To Our Awareness

in2520the2520news2520the2520biggest2520physics2520expeIn the News (from Science Daily):Discoveries Shed New Light On How The Brain Processes What The Eye Sees” Researchers at the Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience at Rutgers University in Newark have identified the need to develop a new framework for understanding “perceptual stability” and how we see the world with their discovery that visual input obtained during eye movements is being processed by the brain but blocked from awareness.

My Comment: We are surrounded by all the spiritual worlds, but we can only perceive them to the extent of our similarity to them. Because all the worlds, with the exception of our world, are comprised of the force of bestowal, rather than reception (attraction), we don’t perceive them.

However, if a person uses the science of Kabbalah – the method of acquiring the quality of bestowal, then to the degree he attains this quality, he begins to sense the Upper Worlds and feels his existence in them.

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