Morgan Stanley Plays Host To New Research On The Internet Generation

interIn the News (from Physorg): “Twitter ain’t cool, British teenager tells global investors” 15-year-old Briton has set the financial world abuzz with a research note penned for a major US bank in which he reveals teenagers’ media habits – including that Twitter is just not cool. The research note – which has been circulated to Morgan Stanley clients – reveals that while teenagers consume a huge variety of media, from television to computer games to the Internet and music, they are unwilling to pay for it. “They rarely listen to the radio or buy CDs, preferring to use websites that stream music or to download it illegally,” teenager Matthew Robson wrote in his report.

Robson says teenagers watch television but do not have time to watch regular programs, particularly when they can watch them afterwards online, and says his peers have no time for outdoor advertising or banner ads on websites, preferring instead viral marketing. The report concludes with a helpful list of what is hot and what is not: anything with a touch screen, mobile phones with large capacity for music and “really big tellies” are desirable.

My Comment: People don’t even imagine how much technology will change their lives, culture, relationships and preferences. Ten years from now, the world will be very different, emptier. As people become more and more interconnected, they will expose the emptiness between them, and thus they will face a crisis of man living in an empty world.

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  1. The new internet generation basicly got its burst from Web 2.0 application like wiki and youtube. The new direction is believed to be Web 3.0 – for example, google and IBM ran a query over a college music forum network for the reason to predict new hits in a specific territorial area.

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