The Study Of Kabbalah Draws Only The Upper Light

laitman_2009-03_8172Questions I received concerning women studying Kabbalah, sensing eternity, the drinking of alcohol at Congresses and the legalization of marijuana:

Question: Yesterday a friend of mine said to me that we, women, should not study Kabbalah, because when we study, we draw demons (negative forces) instead of the Upper Light.

My Answer: Utter nonsense! Women, as well as men, must correct their egoism, connect their desire “to give and love the neighbor” into one common desire, and to reveal the Creator in this desire!

Question: Why is it that when I study Kabbalah, The  Zohar, or the Torah, I begin to cry involuntarily?

My Answer: It’s because you feel a connection with eternity and perfection.

Question: During meals and various events, such as Kabbalah Congresses, we always raise toasts with alcohol, as though it is not unhealthy and is permitted in the spiritual world.

My Answer: This was the custom with my teacher Rabash: to drink moderately, up to 50 grams.

Question: There are hard drugs and soft drugs. Marijuana is considered a soft drug. Do you have anything against its legalization?

My Answer: I am against it! That would lead to harder drugs.

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  1. Thank-you for your wisdom. It really is true that everyone in the world has something to offer, whether great or small, and you are certainly right when you say that no one group or being is pulling the strings and has all the answers. And it’s nice to see that you are human and make mistakes like the rest of us, because those who have experience know that marihuana is more likely to lead to boredom than harder drugs.

    Life is certainly interesting…

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