Governing Within A Corrected Society

laitman_2009-06_1300_wA question I received: How will they define what level (of consumption) is necessary for life in the corrected society described by Baal HaSulam? Will each one decide it for himself, or will those who will govern this society (the government) set a common standard for everyone?

My Answer: Apparently a world governing body (a world government) will be created, as it is said, “A capital city cannot be without a ruler.” This will be a government of sages who have attained the Upper World, that is, our next (future) state.  Due to their having attained our future today, they will be able to govern the whole of humanity unmistakably.

When I say “to govern” I mean “to educate,” or more precisely to teach a man how to change himself to become more similar to the quality of Nature (the Creator), which is the quality of bestowal and love. To the extent of this similarity, we will feel ourselves become more perfect, eternal and fulfilled. But everyone will have to make these changes within themselves on their own, voluntarily and independently.

Therefore all governance will be implemented through education. When we talk about a person’s free will to change himself in order to become similar to the Creator, then the environment (society and the government) will have to help everyone realize that each one must become corrected individually, and that the only way to change their life on this earth and their eternal existence is to correct themselves. The governing of the billions of people on the planet by the spiritual government will consist of educating and providing opportunities to everyone to change themselves at the individual level.

Education is the only “reins” that a government has. All other means are based on suppression of freedom manifested as failure of the system and harm to its citizens. This is why proper upbringing and education must be started from the first days that a person enters this world with consistent content included in all educational and social institutions, etc.

In other words, they have to bring a man to the state that when he experiences the blows and negative reactions of society, he will reveal these reactions within himself, thus changing and bringing himself to a more corrected state.

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