The Financial Crisis May Leave Americans Without Pensions

there2520are2520no2520family2520dynasties2520in2520kabIn the News (from CNN):Pension guarantor: unprecedented deficit” The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., which guarantees private pension payments for 44 million Americans, said on Wednesday that it faces a massive, unprecedented deficit.

My Comment: It looks like we will have to build a new society from scratch. People will spend all the existing funds, and only when there isn’t anything left to spend will they stop and think about what is happening.

There is no means in our world to correct the current crisis! That’s because we were created by the Upper Force (the Creator, the force of altruism) and It endowed us with an egoistic nature. The Creator is waiting for us to desire to change our nature, and as soon as we desire this, He will change us.

Kabbalah teaches us how we can reach this recognition –  and the solution to the crisis – sooner.

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