The Effects Of Growing Egoism On Children

moses-decreed-that-kabbalah-has-to-be-taught-for-freeIn the News (from The Daily Mail): “’Condom cards’ for boys as young as 12 so they can get free access to contraceptives” Boys as young as 12 will be handed ‘condom cards’ allowing them to collect free contraceptives without their parents knowing. The taxpayer-funded scheme lets them pick up packs of condoms from football grounds, barber shops and health centres simply by showing the plastic card.

My Comment: Acceleration of development is a result of the growing egoism. Sexual activity is also connected with general dissatisfaction and “non-fulfillment.”

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  1. How can we convey to young people and their parents that their long-term happiness is better assured in the suppression of the ego and in going with the forces of love and bestowal? How can we teach/ model this?

  2. This is far too cryptic for me. Sexual activity at an early age may in my view also be explained by the desire to be loved or a lack of warmth by family. In any case, I cannot understand how you come to your conclusions. Can you elaborate?

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