Israel – One Of The Most Hated Countries In The World

withoutIn the news (from Jpost): Israel 141st out of 144 in Global Peace Index” Only three countries in the world are less peaceful than Israel, according to Global Peace Index figures released this week… Israel is positioned 141st out of 144 countries, fourth from the bottom, with only Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq ranking below… The report uses 23 indicators to determine the existence or absence of peace, such as respect for human rights, military capability, potential for terrorist attacks and perceptions of criminality in society.

My comment: Antisemitism first appeared in ancient Babylon with the establishment of the first Kabbalistic group started by a Babylonian priest named Abraham. Hatred is a result of the fact that this group operated under a different system, one of bestowal and mutual love. By the appearance of this Kabbalistic group, the world first saw a part of humanity that was under the direct influence of the Creator through a force similar to Him, that of bestowal and love. This is opposite to the naturally egoistic force under which everyone, other than the Babylonians, operates, as the non-Babylonians took the path of the development of egoism

There are two parts of humanity. One is Israel which aims itself toward the attainment of the Creator’s qualities. The other is the Nations of the World who develop under the influence of natural egoism and are in opposition to the higher forces of development. This is where hatred stems from.

Hatred will be eliminated only through the correction of all humanity. This must happen during the remaining 230 years of a total of 6,000 years of humanity’s egoistic development.

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