How To Move From Darkness Into Light

mans2520relationship2520with2520the2520creator2520is25A question I received: How can one reveal the whole system of reality and make the right calculation? After all, even physicists with the most up-to-date computers at their disposal cannot determine the exact location of an electron at the next given millisecond. And what does it mean to completely reveal the universe?

My Answer: Of course, physicists acting within matter cannot know what will happen in the next moment. This is especially true if they delve so deeply into their studies that the borderline between matter, waves, and other forms of existence fades; and they start to be confused with the concepts of time, motion, and space. At this borderline our senses stop perceiving phenomena.

True reality is revealed in the form of forces that control Nature. These positive and negative forces unite at their source, which is called the Upper Force. Knowledge of it provides the basis for us to make the correct calculation.

Our world is a consequence of the forces that descend into it from above. Therefore, if we do not rise to a higher degree, we will forever remain here in the dark. We will never know why anything happens as it does, and we will always make mistakes! And with these mistakes, we will not even understand in what direction we are erring.

However, if we wish to exist correctly in this world, as compelled by nature, then we are able to do this only by rising to the next degree. This means revealing the general force that acts in nature and discovering the mechanism of its influence on all parts of the universe. This will allow us to make our every action in balance with the all-encompassing force of nature and live more positively.

This general force (called the Upper Force, Nature or the Creator) shows us through its blows that we have made an incorrect calculation and have gotten off track. In this manner, it forces us to rise to its own degree. But if we fail to rise to the level of the Upper Force, we will have horrible suffering ahead.

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